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Sizzle.gg Raises $5 Million in Seed Round with Lead Investor White Star Capital

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 12, 2022Sizzle.gg, an AI-driven patented platform that creates automatic and personalized highlights for esports leagues and teams, video game streamers and more, has officially raised $5 million in a seed funding round led by White Star Capital along with Progression Fund, Eterna Capital, Play Ventures, Mindset Ventures, Xoogler Ventures and others. The news comes as the company, with founders who have previously held executive positions at Google and other prominent digital and video game companies, emerges from its initial beta phase, becoming readily available for content creators all over the world. 

“There are so many valuable applications for what we’re delivering to leagues, teams and streamers – we’re just scratching the surface of what’s to come,” said Vijay Koduri, co-founder and CEO of Sizzle.gg. “With this recent round of funding, we’ll be able to expand further and offer even more to creators and leagues, helping them continue to grow and reach their audiences in new and unique ways.”

Sizzle.gg works with esports leagues, teams and streamers to create automatic, personalized highlights and trailers from their gameplay. With deep AI to analyze video, audio and chat, Sizzle.gg’s patented technology determines the best highlights in gameplay – including action sequences (battles, kills, goals), funny moments, players involved, weapons used, endings and more – and automatically pulls them. These individual moments, which are usually 15 to 30 seconds each, can be used across a wide array of social platforms, such as TikTok, Twitter and Discord, and can even be personalized for each fan based on their favorite games, players, and types of play without creating multiple new video files. In addition, using those highlights, Sizzle.gg can create 3 to 5 minute compilation sizzles, ideal for YouTube. 

PUBG Esports Americas is a prime example of a company utilizing the platform, leveraging Sizzle.gg’s highlights portal after each stream to find the most compelling moments of the day and posting them on social media. Using Sizzle.gg, PUBG is able to seamlessly curate exciting individual player or team kills, as well as pull together compilations from tournaments and other events.

“What Sizzle.gg is doing is groundbreaking and we are thrilled to be lead investors in something so innovative,” said Eddie Lee, Partner at White Star Capital. “Whether it’s streamers, teams or Tier 1 esports leagues like PUBG Esports, their content needs are only going to grow exponentially, so we’re excited to be involved in a platform that revolutionizes content generation and can be personalized for billions of fans globally.”

Sizzle.gg plugs directly into Twitch and YouTube streams with no software requirement. Additionally, Sizzle.gg has developed patented personalization technology, which allows different users to view different moments simply by pointing back to the source video on Twitch or YouTube. This allows coaches to break down every individual play, or leagues to personalize highlights to millions of fans, all without generating any new video. Through this process, Sizzle.gg can also provide analytics back to the leagues so they know what moments fans are watching.

Streamers and creators can sign up now at Sizzle.gg; it’s free to join. Teams and leagues looking to use the highlights portal are encouraged to reach out to info@sizzle.gg to learn more. For more information, please visit www.sizzle.gg

About Sizzle.gg:

Sizzle works with esports leagues and streamers to deliver automatic, personalized highlights, directly from Twitch and YouTube streams. Sizzle has built deep AI, analyzing the video, audio and chat of gaming streams to detect the most exciting moments. Additionally, Sizzle has built patented technology to personalize highlights to millions of fans. Sizzle is based in Silicon Valley, funded by top-tier venture capitalists, and its management team combines ex-Google, digital media and gaming expertise. Sizzle is available at www.sizzle.gg

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