Daily Gaming Highlights

What is Sizzle?

Sizzle.gg is a brand new gaming site, focused on condensed games. We know that watching an 8-hour livestream on Twitch may be too long, and that a 20 minute highlight reel on YouTube may be too short. So we started Sizzle, as a way of getting you all the action, game by game. We break down livestreams from top Fortnite streamers into all of their games played, and we then break down each of their games into 5-ish minute condensed games, or “sizzles”. Each sizzle has all the action, and still gives you the full arc of the story.

How do you create condensed games?

We have developed software that analyzes the Twitch streams, and automatically recognizes important moments, such kills, deaths, or victory royale’s. So based on these events, we then make cut out each of the clips, and auto-assemble them into a sizzle reel, or sizzle.

Why are most of the games around 5 minutes?

It just so happens that in Fortnite, when you cut out all of the wandering, gathering, and looting, you’re left with roughly 5 minutes of action. We don’t have a set limit on each sizzle, but they tend to be between 5-7 minutes each.

Once a streamer is done streaming, when will the condensed games be ready on Sizzle.gg?

Our software needs a bit of time to process the entire video, and create the sizzles. This typically takes less than one hour after the stream is done.

Are you planning on expanding to other games, besides Fortnite?

Absolutely! We are already working on League of Legends and Overwatch. More games to come soon.

Which streamers do you create condensed games for?

We are presently creating sizzles for top Fortnite streamers, such as Ninja, Daequan, Tfue, and more. We are starting with them purely based on fan demand. If you have certain streamers you’d like to see sizzles for, please shoot us a note :)

Will you be expanding to more streamers?

Absolutely. Our goal is to ultimately be able to do this for all Twitch streamers, but for now we’ll keep expanding based on fan interest. So definitely send us feedback and let us know who you’d like to see.

Do I have to watch at Sizzle.gg? Or will you be posting to YouTube or other social media channels?

All our games will be at Sizzle.gg, so we encourage you to come there. Additionally, we’ll be posting select games and clips on our social media handles at YouTube, Twitter, FB, and Instagram.

Do you create sizzles for all the recent games a streamer streams?

Yes. If we’re tracking a streamer, we automatically create sizzles for all their recent games, within the past week. We don’t go back beyond a week since there is very little fan interest.

If I’m a streamer, can I request you to create automatic sizzles of my games?

Yes! Please contact us and let us know your interest.

If my streams are included in Sizzle.gg, do you provide me with any incentives?

Absolutely. Should we sign a partnership agreement, we’ll be sharing a good chunk of the revenue from your content back to you. So this can be a great way for you to grow your revenue without doing anything extra. You don’t even need to hire any more video editors.

Can you create sizzles for esports leagues?

Absolutely. Since our software does the heavy lifting, we can create near real-time sizzles for lots of games. We can create an unlimited number of highlight reels automatically, and even personalize them for each fan. If you’re an esports league, get in touch with us and we’d love to chat.